We care about our learning. Last year (June 2015) we had some of our best results ever!

Congratulations to our children and everyone who helps them with their learning – in school and at home.

The children in our reception classes are expected to achieve a good level of development so that they are well prepared for the next stage of their education as they enter year 1. Last year 53% of our children achieved the expected level compared to 60% of children nationally (in 2014). This is our best result for three years. Lots of our children start school a long way behind the expected level for their age – and they make very good progress in our nursery and reception classes.

The children in year one complete a phonics test every year. This shows how many of them can use their knowledge of sounds and letters to read words. Last year 62% of our children achieved the expected level in this test compared to 74% nationally (in 2014). This matched our result for 2014.

We use a scheme called Read Write Inc. to teach these skills to our children – and it has really helped their reading to improve.

The children in year 2 are assessed in reading, writing and maths every year. In all of these subjects children are expected to get a secure level 2. (Level 2b)

In reading last year 90% of our year 2 children achieved this level, compared to 81% nationally in 2014, so our children do better than nationally in learning to read. This is our best result in reading for 4 years. We know that Read Write Inc. has really helped our children’s reading to improve. We are working hard to increase the amount of reading that children do at home so that we can make even more progress in this subject.

In writing last year 68% of children got to the expected standard in writing in year 2. This compares to 70% of children nationally in 2014. This is a long way behind our reading, but a big improvement on previous years. This is our best result in writing for 4 years . We completely changed the way that we teach writing to make sure that more children got to the expected level in 2015. We are really pleased with the way children’s writing skills have improved as a result.

In maths last year 85% of our year 2 children achieved a secure level 2. This compares to 80% of children nationally and is our best result for four years. We started teaching maths in a completely new way last year – called “Maths Makes Sense.” Our children love it and we were pleased that it also improved their results.

The children in year 6 are assessed in reading, writing, and maths every year. They also do a test to measure how good their English grammar, spelling and punctuation is. In all of these subjects children are expected to get a level 4.

In reading 89% of children achieved level 4, compared to 89% nationally. This is our best result for four years. We know that children’s reading has improved because of the Read Write Inc. programme and the way that we develop children’s reading comprehension in the junior classes.

Children are also expected to make 2 levels of progress between the end of Y2 and the end of Y6. 93% of our children made 2 levels of progress last year in reading, compared to 94% nationally. This is our best progress result for 4 years.

In writing 75% of our children achieved a level 4 compared to 85% nationally. This is the area that we are focused on improving as a school – we want to see better writing so that our children do at least as well in this subject as children nationally. 96% of children made 2 levels of progress from the end of Y2 to the end of Y6 in writing, compared to 93% nationally (in 2014) but this is still an area that we want to improve in.

In maths we are pleased with our improvements. 82% of the children achieved level 4 in maths compared to 86% of children nationally which is our best result for four years We have introduced lots of whole school changes in the way that we teach maths so that we can ensure that more of our children get to the required standard, and we are pleased to see that this is working. 93% of children made the expected 2 levels of progress in maths- which was our best result for four years, but we still want lots more children to do well. We know that children are enjoying their maths lessons and feeling more confident as a result of the changes we have made. We have run lots of information sessions for parents to help them understand “Maths Makes Sense” so that they can help children at home.

English grammar, spelling and punctuation are tested in a single test that children take in year 6. As with other Y6 tests the children are expected to achieve a level 4. Last year 64% of children achieved a level 4, compared to 76% of children nationally. This was the same result as the year before, so we are pleased with this result but want to close the gap further this year by introducing lots more grammar teaching into KS1 and KS2.

Level 5 results

Every year some of our children gain the higher level 5 at the end of KS2. We were delighted that the number of children getting this higher level in reading, maths and SPaG has continued to rise each year. Last year (2015) our level 5 results were:

  • Reading 30%
  • Mathematics 30%
  • Writing 11%
  • SPaG 39%

We are pleased with last year’s results but want to do even better this year- especially in writing!

The link here will take you to the DfE performance tables where you can see other important data about our school.

Congratulations to our hard-working children and to everyone who helps them with their learning- in school and at home.