Governor register of interests / attendance data.

Please see below terms of office for your current governors (and also governors who have been in office for the past year).. Your Governors all have a four year term of office.

Gary Aiston (Co-opted Governor) 26.3.15 – 25.3.19

Susan Cameron  (Co-opted Governor)  03.09.15 – 02.09.19

Angela Clarke (Headteacher)

Fran Darcy (Parent) 03.04.17- 02.04.21

Pam Gibson (Co-opted Governor) 26.03.15 – 25.03.19

Jan Livesley (LEA Governor)  03.09.15 – 02.09.19

Sian Lynas (Associate) 06.02.16 – 05.02.20

Anne Mould (Co-opted Governor) 27.10.17 – 26.10.21

Christine Palmer (Co-opted Governor) 26.03.15 – 25.03.19

Mandy Sargent (Parent) 03.04.17 – 02.04.21

Sarah Taylor  (Staff Governor)  06.12.12 – 05.12.20

Jane Thomas (Parent) 16,05,16 – 15,05,20

Jason Thomas (Associate Parent) 27,03,17 – 15,05,20

Governors hold important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider communities. Under new regulations (September 2015) governing bodies are required to publish the following information to help with this transparency:


The grid shows financial interests under the heading “business interests.”

All governors sign a code of conduct to which sets out the expectations of their impartiality, honesty and transparency. Signed copies are retained for inspection in the school office and can be seen on request.