The safety and well- being of our children is paramount at Norfolk Community Primary School. We ensure that we meet our statutory safeguarding duties but we also go over and above the statutory expectations to keep our children safe and happy. We see this work as having five elements:


  1. Ensuring that we have a school culture that positively promotes the safety and well-being of children, by having a respectful, listening and caring ethos. Staff are encouraged to be vigilant and to feel confident about who to share concerns with, and how to do this promptly.


  1. Ensuring that we employ the right people by rigorously adhering to safer recruitment procedures and maintaining an up to date record of all the checks that we undertake, both during the recruitment process and whilst a person is employed.


  1. Ensuring that we are well trained to spot signs of abuse and neglect, and that all staff have fulfilled their training requirements. Safeguarding is on the agenda for every governors’ pupil progress committee meeting. The governor with responsibility for safeguarding meets with the school inclusion team regularly.


  1. Ensuring that we keep up to date with local and national safeguarding issues through termly briefings to staff and attendance at local safeguarding co-ordinator meetings. Staff adhere to the guidance set out by the DfE annually in its Keeping Children Safe in Education document.


  1. Ensuring that school systems enable us to spot and report concerns through termly pupil progress meetings , inclusion team meetings and electronic reporting tools (CPoMS.) We complete an annual safeguarding audit that is discussed with governors and submitted to the local authority.


Our safeguarding policy can be accessed from the policies section of this website.