At Norfolk Community Primary School we take great pride in our uniform because we are proud of our school. We also believe that if children are dressed appropriately it means that they are free to learn. We want children to come to school to focus on learning and to be able to enjoy the whole range of activities that school offers: climbing, drawing, running, drama, model making, technology, sport can all be more difficult if children are wearing unsuitable clothing. Parents tell us that they support school uniform because it means their children don’t need to fuss about what they are wearing. The school uniform consists of:

  • a royal blue sweatshirt, which can be plain or with our school logo
  • a yellow polo shirt
  • dark coloured trousers, jogging bottoms or skirt
  • there is also the choice of a yellow or blue gingham dress, or a grey or navy pinafore dress

Children from Y1-Y6 wear pumps inside the school building. We ask that their shoes for outside are sensible and permit them to enjoy an active playtime.

PE Kit

All children should have a PE kit in school at all times. This consists of a white t-shirt and dark shorts. Children also need a track suit and trainers for outdoor PE.

Jewellery and makeup

A single pair of stud earrings is the only jewellery that we allow in school. We do not allow makeup or false nails. Earrings have to be removed for PE so we ask that children with pierced ears learn to take out and put in their own earrings. When ears are first pierced we understand that they can’t be taken out. This means that children will be unable to do PE when they first have their ears pierced. If possible we ask that children who are having pierced ears do so at the start of the six week summer holiday so that they don’t miss out on their valuable and enjoyable PE lessons.
All school uniform can be ordered from the school office.