Welcome to our Reception Page

Here you will find useful information about our Reception classes and the different things that we are learning this half term.


Reception Staff –

We have 2 classes in Reception RVM and REG.

RVM – The class teacher is Miss Vicki Mellor

– Teaching assistant is Mrs Lelia Popescu

REG – The class teachers are Miss Eve Goodgrove and Mrs Clare


– Teaching assistant is Miss Elisabeth Blassberg


Our New Topic

This half term we will be learning about … DINOSAURS!

  • We are starting the term off with an exciting visit from ‘Dinostar’ who will be bringing in bones and fossils for us to explore. We will be learning about the different types of dinosaurs, what they looked like and what they ate.
  • In our weekly circle time we will be thinking about how to be a confident and independent learner with our new class mates – ‘Tryosaur,’ ‘Thinkosaur’ and ‘Explorasaur.
  • In our Literacy work we will be reading a story called ‘Dear Dinosaur’ and will be writing cards, letters and postcards to our favourite dinosaur. Who knows they may come and visit us!?
  • In our Maths work we will be looking at size and weight by measuring and weighing our dinosaurs. We will continue to focus on learning our numbers from 0-20, making sure that we can write each number, put them in order and find one more and one less.
  • We will also be learning a dinosaur rap in our weekly music sessions, making dinosaur rainbow toast in our weekly big art sessions and will be learning to move like dinosaurs in PE. Alongside many more exciting learning activities – keep an eye on our blog and your child’s Tapestry page to see what we get up to!


Important Information –

  • PE Days – REG have indoor PE every Monday, RVM have indoor PE every Thursday.
  • PE/Sports Kit – Your child will need a white t-shirt and black shorts. If your child wears earrings please remove them otherwise they will not be able to join in with our PE session.
  • Homework – This will be sent home every Friday. Please help your child to complete their phonics and maths homework and keep practising our tricky Reception words.
  • Reading books – We will change your child’s reading book every Friday. All of our levelled reading books are just outside the classroom doors so you can also change your child’s book during the week. Please try and hear your child read 5 times a week.
  • Reception Library – We love to read and listen to stories so we now have our very own library. Please sign out one of our lovely story books to share with your child at home.
  • Science Experiments – We have started a weekly Science experiment that you can try at home for 20 pence each week. We have had a fantastic response to this already, a special big thank you to all of the families who have started to share photos of their experiments at home on Tapestry.
  • Parent Workshops – This half term our parent workshop will be on the use of Numicon to support your child with their maths learning. Every parent that attends their workshop will receive a free Numicon set.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who attended last half terms reading workshops. Attendance was amazing and we were really pleased to be able to share important tips for helping your child to read at home with so many of you!

And finally …

Every child in Reception has their own Tapestry account. This is a secure account that you can access to see what learning your child is doing in Reception. Our staff upload pictures and videos of the amazing learning that your child has been doing for you to see and share with your child at home. You can also send us pictures of the different things that your child has been doing at home.

If you would like to access your child’s account then please speak to a member of our Reception Team.

We also share the learning that we have been doing as a class on our blog –

Click here to see our class blog